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  • Hilaire Phillips

The Bloom Philosophy


At Bloom we want people to flourish. Not just in our salon but every day. We are active in our community and support Mental Health Awareness. Bloom is a safe place for people from all walks of life including children who feel anxious in a salon environment or clients who require additional privacy to feel comfortable.


Having a fabulous hairstyle can make you feel unstoppable and choosing a stylist is a big deal. To quote Vidal Sassoon, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” We take your trust seriously and promise to work hard to find a style, cut, or color that brings out your best. Feeling confident in your stylist and salon is something that we at Bloom strive to accomplish every single day. Our stylists love their work and it shows.

Bloom Salon + Studio is not just a location where different stylists work individually and independently. We work as a collective and collaborate together to give our clients the best experience possible. It’s not uncommon to have more than one stylist working on a client to obtain the best possible result. Bloom stylists are artists and we boast some of the brightest talent in the Kansas City area.

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