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  • Hilaire Phillips

Busting Salon Myths

I recently posted on Instagram debunking 3 salon myths, but I wanted to expand a bit on the first one.

"You should come to your appointment with dirty hair"

No, nope, not a thing, don't do it!!!!

I know, we've been hearing for years that dirty hair is ok, especially before a color service. But that was based on old advice and the belief that the oils would protect your hair and scalp from the chemicals being to harsh. But with today's new technology, that means it no longer applies and here is why:

The color lines we use these days are much gentler on the hair, and if there is too much oil, dirt, and product buildup on the hair, it may mean that we can't get the desired result. Meaning, if you have gray hair, it may not get covered completely, or if you are wanting to go blonder, it may not lighten the way you think it should.

It's all about the canvas I have to work with. If I have a clean, fresh canvas, it allows for better color absorption and styling which results in a much better end result, not to mention a much healthier result.

I can't stress enough how important it is to come with clean hair before any chemical service. Even better if you have gone one step further and clarified your hair before your appointment because not only are our color lines more gentle, so are our shampoos! And don't forget about those barriers around the hairline! SPF and other skincare products can make it harder for color to process properly. I always recommend SPF for the face, but do your best not to get it in your hair on color day.

Hope this helps explain away that myth!

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