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Phase 2 has been delayed...

"The City of Independence has delayed phase two of their reopening plan because of a continual increase in COVID-19 cases in the city and around Jackson County. Phase two was originally slated to begin on July 1 but has been postponed. Some city services will open to allow greater access to residents, but other businesses will stay on phase one." - KSHB

This means no new changes at Bloom. We will continue to keep our clients and employees health a priority. Many of you might have heard about the hair stylists in Springfield, MO who tested positive for COVID-19 while they were working. Not a single client was infected and that is good news because it means that the measures we are taking, such as wearing masks, are working. We see a large number of people of all different ages and with different medical backgrounds each week. You may think you will be fine and don't worry about getting the virus, but the person in the next chair may be dealing with an underlying medical condition that you know nothing about. Please be kind as we continue to navigate what is necessary and what isn't. We are still abiding by the guidelines that the CDC and our local health department have issued and we thank you for trusting us to take care of you!

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19 janv. 2021

This salon sounds like a perfect fit for me. I have been searching for a salon that I am comfortable with. Do you do facial waxing? what is the average cost of a full facial wax, haircut and root touch up, or color, what ever you prefer to call it. I would like to make an appointment. I do realize prices are not set in stone and may vary. This is fine with me.

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